BREAKFAST – A Small Tale for #Smalltales

“I ain’t spillin’ the beans, pig, you’ll not get a sausage outta me.”

“You think this is gonna go over-easy, Cherry? We’re hard-boiled detectives & we know you poached them eggs. You’re toast & there’s gonna be a JAMboree. A little PAIN aux REASON & you’ll start waffling on. Omelette you think about this further. Muffin personal, you’re a nice bit of crumpet, but you’ll be doing porridge off the back(bacon) of this unless you start Alpen us.”


“Bit hammy in there, Crackle.”

“Don’t gimme that crepe, Pop,” he peered back at Ms. Tomato in the interview room, “this bitch got Snap killed & if she’s getting a grilling, i’m turning up the heat.”


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