Letter – A #Smalltales for @LiterallyGeeked

She dances out onto the stage:

Ringmistress of The Empty Page!

Then, with a grin, the curtain parts,

An alphabetter circus starts,

Bumbling B’s with confet-T’s,

Hurl custard π’s at clowning C’s,

Dangerous D dismounts Tra-P’s,

From lock & chain Ω’s free,

In minor G the Ten R’s sing,

Up stands the O who was the ring,

And, taming tigers, stands your X,

The L turns n (it genuflects).

The knowing psychics awful Y’s,

Here’s conjoined U, avert your I’s,

The vendors sell just M&Ms:

These letters, they are not your friends

They cavort, caper, steal and rook,

They should be locked inside a book.

~ L.V., 2015


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