Monthly Archives: February 2015

Gutter – A Small Tale

They hauled him up on pulleys and ropes, in one foot increments. Inevitable really, this change of careers, after the accident. He was no longer cut out for office dronedom, his mind would wander and the sitting would ache. It’s not often one trips forward onto a low wall...


Seigneur – For @literallygeeked’s #SmallTales

Jean De Carteret flourished his new cape and looked sheepishly into his coin purse. It was worth it, the tithes would recompense him for his extravagant cape purchases soon enough. A seigneur of a fiefdom must look the part, after all. He swept into his overlord’s hall with a...


Letter – A #Smalltales for @LiterallyGeeked

She dances out onto the stage: Ringmistress of The Empty Page! Then, with a grin, the curtain parts, An alphabetter circus starts, Bumbling B’s with confet-T’s, Hurl custard π’s at clowning C’s, Dangerous D dismounts Tra-P’s, From lock & chain Ω’s free, In minor G the Ten R’s sing,...