Monthly Archives: October 2014


It sits there short, fat, round and silent, perching in amongst the violets. Blink and miss the signs so clear: it wants to get away from here it’s sharpening it’s fishing gear into a little china spear which it will bore into your brain least 20 times in quick...



Hollowfibre hollow hoot (the stuffed owl on the mantle snoot), and by the pillow, counting sheep the child he lays on Mr. Threep. The sock-made monkey, sleeping deep; will not thrash, or softly weep. So Joleon sucks monkey’s thumbs, badly sewn to monkey arms. You see the toy; it...



The pigeon waved and then took flight You ponder but find no respite “Did that one wave by small degrees? Or was it just motor disease?” Well late at night down through the square A pigeon walks past: debonair With breast displayed and plastic wrapper About his head, he’s...