Witch’s Brew

Shock-jock salt with pelican paste,

murder mould, seasoned to taste,

powder your priest with monkey bile,

slice the smile off sasquatch face

Mark pock with snot and spread it thin

on miles of pork-pulled phantom limb,

then gobble down the gobble sound of turkey-larynx trim.


Granulated gravity,

perambulated poetry,

poured into a zoetrope,

planted in the sea.

A witch’s picture, shadow-shoed,

the mixture is then centrifuged:

the pictures tall upon it’s wall

are chiselled off by monkey paws,

then petrified medusa porn is scraped into a unicorn

and piped out of the horse’s horn:

that’s how Coca Cola’s born.

~ Leland Velociraptor 2013


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