Monthly Archives: October 2013

Witch’s Brew

Shock-jock salt with pelican paste, murder mould, seasoned to taste, powder your priest with monkey bile, slice the smile off sasquatch face Mark pock with snot and spread it thin on miles of pork-pulled phantom limb, then gobble down the gobble sound of turkey-larynx trim.   Granulated gravity, perambulated...


The Spine of Mr. Jimes

The bones began to carve at him, audibly tearing through the muscles. With an anguished cry arms seized and swung backwards, curling winglike towards the opposite sides of his body. They tensed to the point of breaking, drawn into an impossible clutch toward his very nervous system. He was...


Limbo Lavation

Captain Culastrax came crimson-faced, stomping from the wheelhouse. Each night the same sickened and stormy visage bellowed from the handrail, marched towards the capstan and howled seven furies into the fog. His daily pantomime: extravagant origami until another ship’s chart was aeroplaned into the ocean. Next he would begin...