LATE by Baboonicorn

He dropped back over the wall, pockets bulging with the rampion he’d plucked from her garden. His wife needed it so much… If he could just make it back to the cottage without – “Going somewhere, Miller?” croaked the voice he’d been dreading. “Ah… um… j-just c-clearing my h-head…...


LATE PERIOD by The Scribbling Wren

I sat on the toilet and tried to mentally recall her charts. I was sure. Positive. I knew the few women here were all in sync and I couldn’t remember her bleeding this month or the last. I laddered my tights as I tugged them up,  eager to get...


LATE by James Le Lacheur

Joshua bent over his keyboard, head in hands, staring at his computer screen as though willing his final year thesis to appear out of thin air. At his elbow lay the study he’d chosen to discuss: Diffusion of Responsibility among Adolescents, Niaga et al, 2011. He’d thumbed through it...