The Great #FairyTaleFriday Guidebook

#FairyTaleFriday is an informal flashfic competition run by @TheStoryBeast or @TheGoreyBeast on twitter. The deadline is, rather informally, midnight on Friday.

It’s SIMPLE to join in.

A prompt word has been selected by our previous winner. The Beasts will hoot these prompts into the night sky until they’re drummed into your memory.

We’re looking for UP TO 500 words inspired as loosely as you like by that prompt. We’re happy with 100 word entries, 250 word entries, prose, poetry. However your creativity chooses to express itself.

Once you’ve written your story, publish it publicly on your blog or a site like Twitlonger or Storify and tweet it using the #FairyTaleFriday hashtag. A beast will find it, retweet it, and add it this here fairytalefriday blog.

If you’re running late, tweet @TheGoreyBeast as soon as possible and deadlines will be happily adjusted. If you’re nervous about joining in, let me reassure you that our existing contestants are some of the loveliest & most supportive you could hope to meet. Never has a story gone without praise.

So there you have it! I hope we get to read you soon.

~ The FairyTaleFriday Beasts

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