JUST A JOB OFFER by Scribbling Wren

They seemed generally to want him dead. He’d had the message notifications, his phone just showed them as 20+ but it was chirruping constantly as more came through. He’d tried not to read them at first. But it was too hard to resist. So he turned them off. And then almost immediately turned them on again feeling he’d rather know what might be coming.

As he scrolled down the screen his hand developed a slight shake. Understandable if you looked over his shoulder. Saw just what he’d been sent. They somehow knew he was in Ireland so he pulled the brim of his cap down lower to avoid recognition. He was lucky really, so long in the white suit not many would know his face. But, after the threats of the last couple of hours he felt he needed to retain his anonymity

It was the BBC he supposed that had released it. Or some intern perhaps, chatting not knowing he hadn’t confirmed yet. After all he’d enjoyed his years as the Stig but didn’t feel like he wanted to present the show. And judging by @JagMan72’s latest message: ‘I will cut your break cabils’ [sic] a lot of the tweeting public didn’t see him replacing Jeremy either.

~ The Scribbling Wren, 2015



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