Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious – A Disney Tale by The Sribbling Wren

“Going anywhere nice?” The couple behind them asked as they shuffled their way in the queue to get to the departure lounge.

“I’m taking Jane and Michael to Disneyland. Little treat. Mr Banks just had a rather large bonus.” The children beamed up at them as the security guard stepped forward.

“Passports and boarding cards please”

“Come along children, Spit Spot!” Urged the Nanny.

“Adults first. If you can take out any electricals ‘n’ pop ‘em in the tray”

He radioed for more staff as she pulled a standard lamp out from her carpet bag which had seemed easily small enough to be classed as hand baggage.

“OK now the bag in a tray please” The lady on the X-ray machine made out a kite. Parasol with talking parrot. Mirror. And a massive bottle of Castor Oil . She surreptitiously pressed a button under the desk and asked

“Oh kay. Do you have a prescription with this or any documentation to prove it’s medication that will be needed on the journey? And you do know you’re strictly limited to 100ml of liquids on the plane?”

The bottle was put to one side. Michael grasped his tuppence harder as he waited his turn. There was no way he would be surrendering that again after what happened last time.

“Erm. If you can remove your shoes and pass through the security chamber please. Arms down by your side love. Anything metal on your person?”

She removed a large hat pin from her hat and handed it to him before stepping through. He radioed for yet more help as she walked through body scanner & he saw a grip seal bag of powder tucked in her pocket.

“Carrying anything unusual we might need to know about?” He stroked his chin thinking they were getting more blatant. And you really never could spot who it would be. He congratulated himself though as he’d thought she’d stood out as soon as she joined the queue and not just because she was the first person he’d ever seen travelling in a felt hat with three daisies stuck in it. She pulled the baggie out from the front pocket of her starched white pinny.

“Only this sugar – a spoonful helps the medicine goes down you know” She almost sang it and he scratched his head. Wondering how it was always him that seemed to get them. Especially on a Friday.

“I think Miss erm…” He checked her passport “Poppins you’ll be on a later flight than you anticipated. We’ll need to run a few tests on this.” He held the bag of sugar aloft and the couple behind them moved to a different security desk as Michael muttered

“I knew we should’ve just winked, double blinked and jumped into a chalk picture.”


~ The Scribbling Wren @soosietweets


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